DUI Defense Lawyer of Atlanta Georgia

How to Prepare for Your DUI Charge

A DUI charge in Georgia can result in serious consequences. These include driver’s license suspension, defensive driving school, fines, and alcohol-related classes and programs. It is important to be prepared for your DUI case. The right DUI defense attorney will outline the procedures. If you miss a certain step, you could face higher consequences, including increased fines, prolonged community service hours, and more.

There are many ways to win a DUI case, and experienced attorneys are familiar with each of these options. The lawyers at The Burnett Law Firm will investigate the area you were arrested under similar conditions to see if there could have been any chemicals or substances in the air that could have resulted in a faulty BAC reading. In addition, we will investigate your incident report and arrest video to find other useful information for your case. Our attorneys will also research information about the breathalyzer you were given and your arresting officer. The BAC test you were issued may have a mechanical error history and your arresting officer could have a history of issuing wrongful DUIs.

The Burnett Firm has won many DUI cases in the past 28 years. We offer affordable rates and prices lower than local competitors. In addition, we offer financing options. Our attorneys are knowledgeable and familiar with federal, state, and local laws. Let us help you win your case. Call today for a free consultation at 404-630-8599.

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